Garden design in Bromley from the experts at Green and Tidy

Getting the perfect garden is not as expensive as you may think – before considering hard landscaping or buying in materials it’s worth getting a member of our team in to see if there are any quick fixes that can be made to directly effect the look of your garden. Our garden design service in Bromley can help you come up with an appropriate plan for your garden that ties in well with your budget and time frame. We’ll help guide you to a realistic plan that works for you and gives you the best results. Within our garden design service we can:
  • Reduce and reshape shrubs and hedges
  • Weed heavily overgrown and infested flower beds and borders
  • Cut rough and long grass and re shape or re edge lawns
  • Clean patios and apply weedkillers
  • Remove ivy from walls and trees
  • Remove dead and diseased shrubs
  • We offer discounted rates on bookings over 4 hours
  • We can take away your garden waste and are licensed to do so

Garden clearance service that makes light work of overgrown gardens

Overgrown gardens can be a daunting task, and it’s hard to see a gardens potential when there is no clear definition between lawns and shrubs. When our garden clearances are carried out we focus on creating definition by creating space between shrubs, lawn edging and hedges. Our garden clearances create instant impact and in most instances people no longer feel the need to re landscape their garden. If your on a tight budget our garden clearances in Bromley can help you get the prefect garden for a lower over all price. For small gardens that are just in need of a quick tidy then we also offer garden tidy ups

Here are some of the benefits of using our Bromley garden design services

  • We’ll make improvements to your existing garden helping keep cost to a minimum
  • With our high end equipment we can get really overgrown gardens back into shape within the fastest possible time whilst maintaining great quality of work
  • Through our years of experience in garden design covering Bromley and its surrounding areas we can make sure we come up with the most effective plan to suit your budget
  • Being a dedicated garden maintenance company we supply great tips on providing you with a low maintenance garden, we know what to do to ensure your garden takes the minimum effort to maintain and this is a valuable part of any garden design
  • Our expert gardeners can help advise you on the aftercare of your garden and put a maintenance plan in place should you need to.

Enquire about our Bromley garden design services today

If you have a garden that is completely overgrown and is in need of a re design or clearance then we can help. Our expert gardeners in Bromley are fully trained, insured and well equipped and can get your green space looking it’s best again in no time at all. Call our expert team of gardeners in Bromley today on 0208 289 5440 and get an appointment that suits you. We offer low cost and reliable garden clearances that can be booked over the phone or you can get a free estimate in an instant by using our online form